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On the rampage

Non-important people collide with reality.

4 legs meets 4WD4 legs meets 4WD

Elephants are on the rampage in India. It is thought they do this because they are under stress of some sort, usually they are immature elephants and they can be very disruptive. On the rampage - this leads us to the Archbishop of Canterbury and Ed Balls. If there was a Silly Man of the Year competition the AoC would do well. Christine Odone writes of how the AoC was under stress at the time of the debate on gay priests, saying of the AoC-

thoughtful, warm and wise, a good man severely tested by the schism over homosexual priests that risked splitting the Anglican Communion. He could not bear to see the pain and venom that had been unleashed by that row: surely, he told me, eyes welling, "God’s community was inclusive and all-embracing"?

Public service reform anyone?

Ignoring the lessons, not learning them

Shoesmith on the court stepsShoesmith on the court steps
So Ed Balls, thanks to the Sharon Shoesmith case, comes bouncing back into the limelight. The Shoesmith case is a tangled web of incompetence held together by emotion. As Ken Clarke found out last week with his remarks about rape there are some subjects that carry seriously high voltage emotion; this means rational debate and analysis is overwhelmed. It looks as if the same process is going to happen again and working out who did what with Balls, Shoesmith and others will be hard going. As things stand so far, as you might have guessed, nobody is doing well and looking good.

More on the Nulabour leadership contest

Ed Balls, (OMG!)

Ed BallsEd Balls
When this was posted poor old Ed Balls had yet to get his full list of names for nomination to the leadership elections of Nulabour. Well that's behind him now and so he's in the race. While always unpopular Balls is needed here to satisfy the thuggish end of his party, his constituents are not too keen on him for his majority is only just over a thousand votes. We can all remember the pictures of long queues outside polling stations just imagine if something had 'gone wrong' on polling day in Morley and Outwood. But it did not, so Balls just made it back into parliament.

Ed Ballsup

Labour priorities

Vicky Pollard, off to the museum?Vicky Pollard, off to the museum?

We are at war. We have a gigantic national debt. We have severe winter weather and cannot even grit our roads. We have a surveillance state: a country covered in CCTV cameras and policemen who cry:"terrorist", when they see a man painting a watercolour of a factory. Our prisons are full and we shall soon have an energy crisis.

So, what is our government doing? Well Ed Balls (incidentally the man who gave the term endogenous growth theory to his pal Gordon) wants to ban family tickets for museums and galleries, because they discriminate against single mothers. At least fiddling whilst Rome burnt showed some musical talent.

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