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Sir 'Redsunderthebed' KingSir 'Redsunderthebed' King

Ed Stourton has a series on climate change where he proves 'incontrovertibly' that the world is warming, see here. The programme tells us that peer review gives us sound evidence (no mention of those e-mails!); that Al Gore has provided beyond doubt that global warming exists (no mention of that court case) and that Hurricane Katrina was caused by climate change(no mention of those levées). Several neo-con, big oil Texan types are then interviewed who refute the science, proving that climate sceptics are a bad lot.

Anthony Watts then shows us a video experiment by a 'top' space scientist which proves beyond doubt that CO2 causes global warming! The 'experiment' proves how heating an unknown additional quantity of CO2 and ordinary air inside a bottle and comparing this to a heated bottle containing ordinary air scientifically demonstrates that CO2 causes global warming!!!

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