Paying for mediocrity

Heading in the wrong direction

Denis MacShaneDenis MacShane
"I wouldn't start out from here" is, so we are told, a typical Irishism. The term may have been heard once a long time ago deep in rural Ireland spoken by a native to a lost visitor, or might not and instead be wholly fabricated. So it is a matter of speculation what destination Denis MacShane had in mind when he set out on his journey, the one in an article in the New Statesman, see HERE.

No more faith schools please.

The rights of the child. Really?

Peace wall, separating peace schools.
West BelfastPeace wall, separating peace schools. West Belfast There should be no more faith schools, there should be a separation between church and school. Just under 30% of our schools are faith schools, at present these are mostly Christian and Catholic. In Northern Ireland, Angela Smith, the NI Office education minister turned down Rowellane Integrated College for funding. She allegedly did so in order to placate politicians opposed to integration. The school is being built using private funding and is, at present, using mobile classrooms. Rowellane is massively oversubscribed as are Northern Ireland's other 58 integrated schools. The IEF Integrated Education Fund was established in 1992 and aims to fund more integrated schools.

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