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Gilligan versus Rahman

London anti-democratic Islamic forces in action, the facts.

Gilligan, the winner!Gilligan, the winner!
If you want a job done well then choose the best worker you can find. So when it comes to reporting on anything to do with London politics then Andrew Gilligan has made himself the ultimate craftsman of this specialised trade. Gilligan's apprenticeship was served sifting through the fine detail of Ken Livingstone's two terms in office as Mayor of London, this made him many enemies. However, it also brought him the 'Journalist of the Year' award see HERE.

The police would no doubt have been happier had Gilligan not been in the habit of always describing the former head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, as Nulabour's "top copper".Another Gilligan case proven when we recall that Blair was dismissed by the new Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for being a road-block to progress.

The left loathe him, one Guardian journalist very much so, but Gilligan showed his worth and independence by becoming a skilled 'Boris watcher' in no time at all. By contrast the Guardian journalist seems to have dropped off the radar.

It was natural that the less than wonderful Lutfur Rahman and the IFE, the Islamic Forum of Europe, should come to the attention of Gilligan.

Fake success wins votes

Belief is stronger than facts

Can't wait! Can't wait!
I've just met someone who cannot wait for the general election. He is looking forward to campaigning on behalf of Nulabour. This is true, you can't make this sort of stuff up. He announced, proudly that he would do so on Nulabour's “record of achievements”. Rather like meeting a nutter on a bus I simply humoured him. The list of achievements was ridiculously long and only just fell short of claiming credit for the fact that water comes out of the taps. Supporters of Nulabour always make a big deal of Sure Start, 'my' nutter also mentioned the Human Rights Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

Children are a useful political tool, it will be naturally assumed, by the unthinking, that only good can come of government initiatives directed towards children. Hence Sure Start is off to a good start itself, this ignores the huge negative impact of Contact Point, a frightening database that appeals only to control freaks.

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