Paying not drowning

Lifting people out of poverty?

Drowning? Drowning?
As any comedian will tell you it's 'all about timing', the quality of the material matters less than the delivery. Well isn't that just like Copenhagen? With immaculate timing snow fell on Copenhagen and the warmists' big party. So while the weather is miserable and the low quality of the scientific data is disregarded, more money than is wise was wasted on this freak show and to hell with the aftermath.

You may think the money side of it is not important, wrong. Who is going to pay for this 'initiative'? Prince Charles says we only have seven years to save the planet. Where does he get that number, where's the proof? But then, as climate scientists make it up as they go along I suppose the heir to the throne might as well do the same. But the money side of it is serious.

Mugabe cheered at Copenhagen

Carbon trading is go?

Our leaders!Our leaders!

Gordon Brown struts upon the stage at Carbonopenhagen with the delusional hope of leaving his legacy as a world statesman who helped save the world, twice. Hugo Chavaz gets a standing ovation, Robert Mugabe is cheered whilst Viscount Monckton is knocked unconscious by a Danish policeman, see Anthony Watts.


World domination

The Emperor's new clothesThe Emperor's new clothes

I have contacted the Conservative shadow Energy and Climate minister Greg Clark regarding Climategate/Warmergate and have been told he'll be 'getting back to me.' He'd better hurry because he'll need to be on the right side here.

The tectonic plates are moving - on one side are: the MSM, governments, big energy and 'sustainability' companies, climate change scientists in receipt of research grants versus, on the other: the blogosphere, public opinion, small business and scientists not in receipt of climate change grants.

Under the weather?

Down under.

5 times size of GB5 times size of GB

Climategate continues to roll. Australia’s parliament just imploded over discord due to the emissions trading scheme being pushed by opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull. Five Liberal frontbenchers have resigned (plus seven MPs) because they actually want to discuss the scheme rather than just allow the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to dash off to Copenhagen and grandstand as a friend of the chairman. Rudd’s Labor party needs support from seven non-government senators to win passage through the 76-seat upper house.

Meanwhile, the BBC site blissfully burbles on about Copenhagen and CO2 reduction pledges, the Telegraph heaps praise on the Tories for the proposal to offer to give us goody vouchers if we reach our personal recycling targets!

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