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It is hard to see a reason for some things, then suddenly it all becomes clear. For most of my life I have had a relaxed attitude to the monarchy; for most of yesterday the news media has been far from relaxed about the comments of Prince Harry (see right). Frankly I could not give a damn about what he said but it is important he said it because the whole point of the monarchy, I've just worked this out, is to inflame passions and it does not matter which way, just so long as somewhere someone is annoyed. But this can cause confusion. To illustrate my point the Evening Standard said in a headline - Gordon Brown backs 'racist' Prince Harry while the Telegraph had the headline - Prince Harry's 'Paki' comment unacceptable, says Gordon Brown.

Who governs Britain?

The media does dummy.

Don't our children just love him?Don't our children just love him?Remember that poll asking who governed Britain? I voted for José Manuel Barroso but I have now changed my mind. The mainstream media (MSM) runs Britain. A couple of weeks ago Gordon Brown was leading the polls by a mile. He was acclaimed as: a marvellous intellectual, a safe pair of hands, the best Chancellor we had ever had. No mention of : his support for Blair's wars, the selling off of our gold reserves really cheaply, the pensions' fiasco, the huge numbers of government officials which made our unemployment statistics low, the looming British sub-prime crisis, PFI and enormous debt. No mention of the fact that he was left with a good economy during world growth and created a huge black economy fuelled by cheap imported labour. He steadied the nation during foot and mouth, the floods and the Glasgow terrorist attack. What was he meant to do? Laugh it all off?

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