Paddy Asdown

How to 'help' the Afghan Addicts

Stupid people and poor countries come together

Magic bus, early 1970s Magic bus, early 1970s
There should be an organisation called Afghan Addicts Anonymous. On the other hand perhaps the anonymous is not required. Far too many people are happy to put their name to yet another article on the subject of 'What to do about Afghanistan'. They seem to do so with the sole purpose of convincing others to meddle, as they do, in this sad country as long as possible. Rather like smokers would claim they have 'rights' the Afghanistas reckon that they do too with this 'work'. They think it's a right to 'sort out' this country, much as Tony Blair wanted to 'fix' Africa. On the evidence of progress so far, it's a form of arrogance, a sickness even.

These people are a motley bunch, politicos, think tankers and retired military types abound. But they share a weird desire to mess Afghanistan up.

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