An inconvenient truth?

Or an inconvenient lie?

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The Common Fisheries Policy is a biological,environmental, economic and social disaster; it is beyond reform. It is a system that forces fishermen to throw back more fish dead into the sea than they land. It has caused substantial degradation of the marine environment, it has destroyed much of the fishing industry with the compulsory scrapping of modern vessels and has devastated fishing communities.

Fisheries cannot be managed on a continental scale; they need local control. That is the reason why Michael Howard has stated that the Conservatives will return our fisheries to National and Local control. This accords completely with our instinct for small government. Issues should be tackled on an international basis only when justified, at a national level when appropriate and otherwise locally. Green paper January 2005.

No politician is to be trusted now.

Equivocation was a lie.

 Tory EU-turn again Tory EU-turn again

I did think that Mr Cameron and Mr Hague were honourable men. They said that they would 'not let matters rest' regarding the Lisbon Treaty ratification and pretended they had a plan. Now we see that they did not and David Cameron even has the gall to say he will pass a 'Sovereignty Act' so that no further powers can be taken by the EU without a referendum. Either he is stupid or he thinks we are. Lisbon is a self-amending treaty. That's it.

So how can we believe the Conservatives when they say they will roll back the surveillance state, drop ID cards, the NIR, ContactPoint, ISA, the Intercept Modernisation Programme and so on?

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