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Camouflage, science well hidden!Camouflage, science well hidden!
Here at this blog Richard North is greatly admired. It's been a long term plan to try to add a little more to the great global warming debate, or lack thereof. But there have been problems. North, with Christopher Booker of the Telegraph, are so good at this subject that there's not much left over. They have taken on all comers without fear: Dr Pachuri, Al Gore, even George Monbiot. All have been damaged in the process, taken down a peg-or-two.

Nation shall speak, sometimes

Selective broadcasting

Real warming, Booker's bookReal warming, Booker's book
When it comes to Climategate we all knew the MSM would attempt, via denial, to shove this into the corner. It's both an education and a bit of fun to see who is carrying this story and who is not. But it's the BBC that has gone all weird.

According to Richard North on EU Referendum, it is long-term global warming reporter, Christopher Booker who has pushed them over the edge, North says -

“Interestingly, Booker had a BBC radio broadcast (about his book) cancelled because of the controversy. It's not that they don't know – its head-in-the-sand time”.

The Real Global Warming Disaster

A modern parable

It has been suggested that climate change denial could be more of a dangerous 'thought crime' than holocaust denial and our own foreign secretary, David Miliband, has called unbelievers the 'flat-earthers of the 21st century.' We are just beginning to see glimmerings of rational scientific argument being reported in some of our papers but the fable is set to continue long into the future. We find that - twelve public artworks commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad will include a small 'island' which will be tugged from the Arctic to England to encourage discussion about climate change and a pair of 30ft crocheted lions.

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