All women short lists

Dave's babes

Groan time?

The 1997 babes The 1997 babes
David Cameron once declared that he was “heir to Blair”. Well it's heart-sink time again as Dave has promised all women short lists for the next election. The whole concept of AWSL is so horribly Nulabour you do wonder about our Dave sometimes. Is he hell-bent on annoying as many people as possible? In any group of people with even a mild interest in politics start a conversation about AWSL's and this brings forth a loud groan.

The excuses, there hardly a reasons, come thick and fast, for example -

Mr Cameron said there were “many very, very good women” on the Tories’ priority list of candidates who had not yet been selected and he wanted to give them a chance at the next election. Mr Cameron said the under-representation of women and black and ethnic minorities was a particular problem for the Conservative Party.

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