Life under the blanket

Money matters, it really does

This one?This one?

It is said that a large number of voters in the recent Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty voted yes because they felt more secure as part of the EU. What was haunting them where the bank problems seen in Iceland and the thought that this could happen to Irish banks and cause another meltdown. So the Irish pulled the security blanket over their heads and hoped the EU would continue to pay them to be Irish. Not much of a way to earn a living you may say, what about the horse trader's sixth sense of deal making, surely this will see them through as it has before? Ah, perhaps those days are long gone, anyway one 'lovable rogue' in the shape of Michael O'Leary is enough to be going on with for now! But if it's comfort you seek, then look out dear Hibernians, for regulating banks and looking after your 'own' money is not as simple as it was. And the reason for this is the very organisation whose coat tails you have sought to hide behind, is making it hard to regulate 'foreign' banks.

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