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Annabel Shaw, who? 
Annabel Shaw, who?
When Boris Johnson started his campaign to become Mayor of London, the political elite, apparatchiks from all parties and assorted journalists were caught on the hop. The rest of the nation saw it differently. They could see beyond his effortless performances on 'Have I got news for you.' He was seen as the least political politician in the UK, this they liked a lot. Viewed from across a crowded street most 'real' politicians look the same, when they speak it's not much better, the minor differences only adding to the irritation. Political journalists are even worse.

Boris became MoL but for some the bewilderment carried on. Ridiculous predictions such as: “Boris would be bad for the environment,” did not come to pass nor did babies die and Londoners were not reduced to making tea by boiling the bark from trees. Even so in some places the fight went on, certain parts of the BBC have never given up the fight. This was the foundation to the recent Boris Johnson/Jeremy Paxman interview.

This year's Tory Party conference was bound to be awkward for David Cameron, the MSM would see to that, or so they thought. But, far from being damaged by the EU question the Tories seem to be doing just fine.

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