Baroness Scotland

Brown, Hesford and Scotland

The law of the land?

Two dumpsters together Two dumpsters together
The MP Stephen Hesford has resigned, and who's Stephen Hesford? He's a very junior part of Nulabour, but that's not the problem; so what is? Well he has resigned over the Baroness Scotland case and even that's just a part of the problem. For the real problem here is Gordon (bottler) Brown, again. The PM is quite happy for his employees, like Scotland, to introduce reams of poor quality legislation that will trap the unwary as much as the guilty, so he is responsible.

Some thoughtful people have said there is little point in a witch hunt aimed at Scotland, that's true enough, but it serves the purpose of getting back at Nulabour. It vents years of frustration built up by this sort of legislation being dropped on small businesses all over the UK. Scotland failed in a procedure to check that a worker had a legal right to be here. Now simple minded folk may recall when the UK controlled its own borders; perhaps the legal right to enter and work in the UK should be decided by people better qualified than an employer.

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