Clearing up after the party

Post Question Time questions

Clear up soon? Clear up soon?
If you have had enough of Nick Griffin and the BNP to last a lifetime, there's been a lot of it about, then spare yourself the following. Go out into the fresh air and do something. If on the other hand you, like many others, have spotted that we are into new territory then perhaps you are curious as to which way things will go. Rather like clearing up the mess after a children's party let's tidy up after the British National Party, you never know what you might find.


Nick Griffin takes off

Flight of fancy?

Hurricane K 5083 Hurricane K 5083
The BNP and the Spitfire, how typical this is; just as the most numerous allied fighter aircraft in the Battle of Britain was the Hurricane, the most important parts of the BNP story are being overlooked. The BNP has legitimately gained its position in UK politics. It seems to conform to the requirements laid down by the Electoral Commission the official body charged with looking into these things. The votes cast for the BNP at the recent Euro elections have an authenticity about them not found in the elections in Afghanistan, that puts Nick Griffin ahead of Hamid Karzai. So what is the problem?

Perhaps two things, failure and fear. It's funny how so many people fail to understand the political position of the BNP. The know-alls of the left routinely say the BNP is “far right”.


Not all are equal before the law

according to Judge Stobart

out of balance?out of balance?

There would appear to be few sanctions for breaking data protection laws. Civil servants merrily hand out information yet are not prosecuted, unencrypted laptops and memory sticks are lost or mislaid. However, the person who revealed the names and addresses of 12,000 BNP members was fined £200, see here.

District Judge John Stobart made an interesting statement appearing to be giving tacit support to those who criminally intimidated some of the people on the list:

"..... there may be some members in this organisation who do not deserve to be protected by the law ......"

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