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Will they, won't they? A week ago it was all stern words regarding the Greek economy from the rest of the EU. It was generally seen as a Greek problem. They got into the mess, they could get out of it, tough love stuff. What was being said by member state politicians was very different from the comments of EU politicians. The former was for the domestic audience while the latter, well, what was it for? One cannot imagine that Barack Obama wasted sleep on this and the world's financial markets and traders were not fooled either.

EU rules

Your money pays to torture chickens.

Chickens Out campaignChickens Out campaign

Depending on whose figures you take, the Treasury or the EU, the UK gross contribution to the EU is either £10.2 billion or £12.4 billion a year. Yes we get some back but the EU tells us what we can spend it on.

We pay MEPs huge salaries, expenses and pensions and Commissioners get a settlement of about £1.1 million upon leaving office see here. The finances haven't been passed off for the 14th year running, many millions are spent on propaganda and if a country is lucky enough to be given a referendum they always have to vote again when they vote NO.

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