Israel and Turkey defend themselves

But guess who is condemned?

PKK flagPKK flag
Back HERE we wrote In praise of Fraser Nelson. What Nelson did in that article we linked to, was attempt to re-balance things. Israel, either through bad luck or successful lobbying, always gets a bad press. Only the simple folk are fooled by this, but it is relentless and institutional in nature. Not so long ago Israel decided that, in order to defend itself, it must deal with the 'peace flotilla'. The simple folk got very elated and the principal cheerleader in the condemnation of Israel was Turkey.Now Turkey is the one making the difficult decisions, it's fighting the PKK, see HERE.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the "cowardly" assaults would not end Turkey's determination to fight the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) "to the end".

In praise of Fraser Nelson

Putting pressure on the pressure groups

Fraser Nelson Fraser Nelson
Journalist Fraser Nelson could well end up Mayor of London, he writes beautifully and is funny too. A man of many skills, he caused havoc for Gordon Brown in the run-up to the General Election. The trick here was to ask serious questions about the economy at press conferences. This spooked Brown who, despite the claim made by his spinners of him being an economics genius, was unable to answer the questions from Nelson, odd that. Brown the economics guru studied history at university and has no formal economics related qualifications. Not that this should have been a bar to Brown becoming Chancellor as Nelson, like Brown studied history. However, it seems that Nelson 'learnt on the job' and so became able to understand economics and produce in depth articles packed with detail and complete with graphs to illustrate his opinion. What a pity Brown could not manage to create for himself the same path to knowledge, never mind, it's all water, and public money, under the bridge now!

Baroness Tonge

Jihad Jenny in hot water - again.

The right Hon. J. TongeThe right Hon. J. Tonge

Imagine the furore if Nick Griffin had publicly stated that Israeli soldiers were harvesting organs whilst ostensibly helping the aid effort in Haiti. This would be front page news and he would be immediately charged with anti-Semitism and inciting racial hatred. He would be put on trial and, if a jury declared him not guilty, there would be a retrial.

Yet, when this is said by a Peer of the realm, the right honourable Baroness Tonge, it barely rates as newsworthy. Nick Clegg sacks her as a Lib Dem health spokesmanwoman, see here, but he hasn’t withdrawn the whip. He states:

Swedish anti-Semitism?

or free speech for some?

A Danish CartoonA Danish Cartoon

The EU Commission has been arguing for many years, at least 13, over the form of hate laws regarding race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin that it would like imposed on its members.

The same rules would also apply to people publicly condoning, denying, or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Rwanda would be included but not the mass killings of Armenians in 1915 so as not to upset Turkey. Crimes under Stalin and Communism are not included, despite protests from Eastern members, presumably as this would upset Russia. The UK has a Religious and Racial Hatred Act, which will no doubt eventually be harmonised under an EU directive.

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