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Swine flu could be good for pigs...

...and our morals.

This is a video of happy pigs. Pigs are highly intelligent and organised animals.

The Evening Standard writes that US exports of pork fell 20% in the first half of this year after the H1N1 virus outbreak in April led to import restrictions in China and Russia.

US farmers are losing $30 to $35 on every pig they sell this month and may not make money until May, dealers say. Producers have been unprofitable for 20 of the 22 months to July, and more than 5000 of them may have to exit the business. Swine flu will contribute to an 11% drop in global pork trade this year.

Many claim that the barbaric, intensive, industrial farming methods in which over half the world's pig meat is produced could well be responsible for swine flu. Huge industrial farms are perfect breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens and influenza viruses.

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