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Nulabour new leader but same old problem

Nulabour, ready to goNulabour, ready to go
Have you ever had such laugh? The battle for the leadership of Nulabour, can it get any worse? Not so long ago Nulabour had convinced itself, and crucially, the Westminster village, that it was the finest political machine ever made. Now it looks, and performs, like a rusty wreck, if it were a car it would be traded in for a new model. Just as the Peter Mandelson scheme for trading old cars for new was supposed to help UK industry, but did not, the point of the leadership battle , it's hardly a beauty contest, was to stimulate the party, to make it better and renew it, but it won't. And we have none other than Polly Toynbee to tell us it's all gone wrong. But should we take her word for it? As in her case not so long ago she sang the praises of Nulabour, in its entirety, for all to hear. But now it's different, Toynbee calls the likes of Blair and Mandelson "yesteryear headline addicts". This is hard to take seriously from Toynbee, or her newspaper.

We're all spivs now!

Saints reduced to sinners

Spivs at rest Spivs at rest
Picture the scene, Saint Polly Toynbee aided by Michael White and Martin Kettle tapping away at their keyboards within the citadel of the Guardian, building a better Britain . As always they are on the lookout for a cause to help, always knowing evil when they see it; the terrible world of capitalism for example, one should always been on guard against that.

So, advice for errant bankers, hedge fund managers, investors and various other spivs poured fourth from their labours, but all to no avail. For while they were at work the very forces they sought to negate were gnawing away at the seemingly solid foundations of the Guardian empire. We are told that the Guardian has lost £24m in bungled currency trading see HERE. It really is hard not to smile!

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