2014, a new year but old propoganda

Will this year mark a watershed in tolerance for old myths?

Do you want ice with that? Do you want ice with that?
So after years of singing the praises of the EU, traditionally seen as the cure of all evils, the Labour party finally gets the message. While in the interests of honest reporting the Guardian puts these pearls of wisdom on the front page! Mind you, I suppose we should have seen it coming. When in between 'saving' the world banking system and selling off the UK gold reserves for a low price Gordon Brown came out with the helpful remark, 'British jobs for British workers'. And it has been downhill ever since. The very idea that there might be votes in this for the Labour party is hypocrisy of the worst sort. We may only assume that Labour took their cue from David Cameron who has yet again shown poor leadership on the same subject.

What is interesting is that many of the comments in the Guardian from readers make it plain that they are not keen on the latest influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. Quite how far this goes remains to be seen but it's not very PC is it? It looks like an increasing number of people have lost their fear and reverence of the EU and having seen the light are now ready to criticise it.

A quick look at the Guardian

Blair and Coulson, stung by a wasp or a bee?

Policy wonk being hacked? Policy wonk being hacked?
As a child I was told that a wasp can sting as much as it likes whereas a bee can sting only once, then it dies. Is this true? No matter; it could be the situation the Guardian is in. Apart from the BBC no section of the MSM has worked harder on the Andy Coulson case. So his departure from the Cameron inner circle at No 10 must have brought the Guardian joy, given them a buzz if you like, so what happens now? Following the successful sting, the very health of the Guardian comes into focus as well as the life of the political spinner. It's said that the sales figures of the Guardian are going down at an alarming rate; how long can this go on? It's wise to remind ourselves that Coulson denies any wrongdoing and would appear to be innocent until proven guilty. You may regard this as either a tiresome tradition that means nothing or a corner-stone of good legal practice, feel free to choose.

Also feel free to wonder at the lives of the assorted celebs and smart people who are not smart enough to live without a mobile phone. The Coulson case goes back years and is not the first case of this sort. It would seem smart people have yet to learn that mobile phones are not totally secure and have been leaking data for years. We also have to wonder why Cameron wanted to employ a house trained version of Alistair Campbell.

Liberal/left firefighting

The Guardian does the litmus test and the result is yellow!

Nulabour crash and burnNulabour crash and burn
There is an air of excitement amongst the political anoraks. The Guardian has endorsed the LibDems. So Michael White, Martin Kettle and Saint Polly Toynbee plus the rest of the motley crew will all have to learn new tricks. The Guardian loves to portray itself as a vital and important source of fact, but this is fantasy. The most important role it has in the left/liberal world is carrying all those job adverts on a Thursday, the jobs in the public sector with strange sounding titles and substantial salaries. This is why many people buy the paper, they don't buy it to 'become engaged'. The social consequences of its pronouncements are greatly exaggerated, social engineering is what it talks about but really it's a job seekers' tool.

The latest news from the Guardian

Better late than never.

.. Blow me the Guardian is researching ClimateGate. It mentions problems with peer-review, the suppression and manipulation of scientific data and articles and discusses problems relating to the infamous 'hockey-stick' graph. Yet, on the 1st of February, Fred Pearce in the Guardian was writing that the:

The 'climategate' scandal is bogus and based on climate sceptics' lies.Claims based on email soundbites are demonstrably false – there is manifestly no evidence of clandestine data manipulation.

Presumably he had a day to read some of the literature and has promptly changed his mind. On 2nd Feb the same Fred Pearce wrote:

A close reading of the hacked emails exposes the real process of science, its jealousies and tribalism.Read more: doubts about "hockey stick" graph revealed.

Well done Fred.

PS The Hockey stick scam was first revealed in 2003 by Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit.

All together now -

climate is not weather

satellite UKsatellite UK

The warmists seem to have got together and produced a strapline, namely that climate is not the same as weather. Monbiot and Hickman in the Guardian tie themselves up in knots trying to prove that any weather can prove climate change and that anyone who doesn't believe them is a right wing fanatic. The scale of comments (1,375) section for once competes with the Daily Mail and they are mostly critical of Monbiot and friend. Surely the Conservative party would be wise to, at the very least consider, Climategate and the scientific arguments on both sides.

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