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Politics adrift is not funny

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Long before Barack Obama became the President of the USA the UK news media was out in force. A full year before the election the BBC had several of their finest on the trail sending back reports from the US. I know many people who would usually admit to an interest in politics were bored by it all. There is a limit to the number of times a reporter can say that the voters of some distant State are “gearing up” for an election. The reader of such reports soon gets the message, nothing is happening yet, but the reporter lacks the courage to say so.

Here in the UK our politicians no doubt like to think that they, when abroad and on behalf of us, 'punch above their weight'. So we see umpteen pictures of our Prime Minister, Mr McEyebags, with his lantern jaw in profile his hands raised doing what he does best; bellowing about something dear to his heart on the assumption Johny Foreigner will be impressed and do as he is told. How could these people be bored watching our man at work? Very easily it seems.

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