MP expenses

No communications

What a farce

Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
For some people it's been fun watching our corrupt MPs squirm under pressure due to the expenses' scandal. Well I say look out for trouble. The subject of MPs' pay and performance was a long time getting to this stage but is clearly moving along. We may conclude that some of the MPs were too busy going from one of their properties to another to notice the timetable of events.

Action and reaction

How corrupt is your MP?

It started here? It started here?
Cause and event, action and reaction, threats and opportunities. No, this is not a short course in management-speak, just a simple observation on the back-wash from the MPs' expenses story, which is now old enough to have its own momentum. True there will come a point when this is history but in folklore terms it's here to stay.

When it comes to the credit crisis Gordon Brown, or Mr McEyebags, loves to tell us “it started in America”. It is said that the PM both loves and admires the US. So funny, is it not, that he failed to spot the problem coming and get some better regulation in place? One would assume that he has studied the US in detail on a regular basis, so would have been on the ball; ah well, missed a trick there. Which is a pity as politically McEyebags comes from the tradition of introducing more legislation at every opportunity.

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