Fashion and fat

And the next gimmick?

To exercise or not? To exercise or not?
Fashion is a funny, gimmicky thing: tight trousers, baggy trousers; and whatever happened to the waistcoat? It's the same with 'important' things such as polar ice caps thickening and thinning at one and the same time. Traditionally the ideal approach would have been to ask an expert, alas that does not always solve the problem right now. Not unfashionable, but it's the nagging suspicion they don't really know either. So we come to obesity and children, it's one of the big subjects of the moment, almost fashionable.

These days anything to do with children is fraught with difficulty so we can only be, carefully, observant when out and about looking to see if today's child is too big. This may not be statistically reliable, do the obese resist being dragged around and refuse to go out? What to do? Well we could give the experts a second chance, who in turn could, in the absence of solutions to this problem, 'Europeanise' it.

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