What is wrong with UK universities?

Learning from our mistakes?

The alleged bomberThe alleged bomber
What is it about British universities? A steady stream of foreign students comes here to study and some become jihadists, are we shocked? Maybe we, the public were once but not anymore. Either the authorities who regulate this flow are stupid, or the universities are desperate for the money the students bring, so on it goes. Or then again perhaps these undergraduate terrorists are smarter than our authorities because there never seems to be a solution to this problem. No that's wrong, there is a solution, we stop issuing student visas the same way we send Christmas cards, the more the merrier; it simply does not work like that.

Censorship and anti-Semitism in academe

Hypocrites in glass houses?


The UCU the union for university lecturers has toyed with anti-semitic motions for several years, namely a total boycott of Israeli universities and other institutions. They were only prevented from passing this because their legal advisers said this would be against the law.

Five soldiers, aged 19, from the Israeli Defence Force had been due to perform a medley of national songs at the Bloomsbury Theatre as part of a sell-out family show to celebrate their country's 61st anniversary. But the show has been shelved after the venue, owned by University College London, claimed the content was "political". See here.

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