Somali coastguards?

Who are the pirates?


They call themselves 'coastguards' ; in 2008 Somali pirates earned over $150 million and, so far, no foreigners have been killed.

In response to the increasing disruption of trade routes and the delivery of food aid, a massive flotilla consisting of ships from NATO, the EU, and others has been sent to the seas off Somalia to fight a sharp upsurge in the hijacking of vessels and crew for ransom. The United Nations says the 111 pirate attacks that took place last year in the sea corridor linking the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean represent an increase of nearly 200 percent over 2007. See here.

The EU's contribution is called Operation Atlanta or EU NAVFOR. As EU member states such as Italy and Spain are closely implicated in the waste dumping and illegal fishing off the coast of Somalia perhaps their mission should be broadened to catch illegal fishers and dumpers flying the flags of an EU Member State.

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