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The Stasi get stuck inThe Stasi get stuck in
We all have a role in life. Posh Beckham is tasked with tottering around on stratospherically high heels and looking gaunt. They do say she now has bunions, the gaunt look comes with eating very little and having your back teeth removed, ouch! On the other hand we have George Monbiot. He has also suffered for his 'art'. In his case it was his role to bore two pairs of pants off the nation. First, as a lad, droning on about global warming, which in time became climate change. Then came the great event when the light shone on this 'science' and the truth became clear. It must have been a shock akin to phasing out steam trains for railway enthusiasts.

But Moonbat is back on his feet and has written about policing in the UK This time no sane person could disagree with his words.

The Dizaei way of doing things

With help from the usual suspects

Ali  Dizaei, guilty Ali Dizaei, guilty
So Ali Dizaei has been found guilty, is this important? Yes it is. Dizaei had reached up to the heights of the Metropolitan Police Force and made them his own territory. He was a relentless self-promoter but found plenty of help on his way from certain sections of the media. He was the darling of the race relations industry. As might be expected the fight back has begun.

The Guardian tells us - Ali Dizaei 'was investigated as though he was an enemy of state'

While the Times says - 'Ali Dizaei - ethnic champion in Metropolitan Police exposed as a bully'

The full Guardian story is HERE, and the Times is HERE. Take your pick.

Over the coming weeks television, radio and newspapers will wade in. Selections will be made from Dizaei's past to promote this or that point. The same will happen when the role of the Metropolitan Police is reviewed. What they did, or perhaps what they did not do, raked over and over again. What will be hard to hide is that the Met spent so much time, so by inference public money, furthering the cause of race relations.

Greeneland exists

Beyond satire


Grahame Greene's Our Man in Havana tells the story of James Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman living in Batista's Cuba, who is recruited to work for the British Secret Service. He has no information so simply makes it up. He says he has a network of informants and sends a circuit diagram of a vacuum cleaner claiming that this is the plan of a secret military site. The service sends extra staff to Cuba to help Wormold. When the deception is finally revealed, rather than admit they were taken in by his invented sketch, and afraid that their agency would lose all credibility with others if the affair were exposed, the top officers of the service assign Wormold to headquarters and decorate him with an OBE.


Our PM bothers the police

Sweet memories!  Sweet memories!
Another Cones Hotline. As if if our police do not have enough to do with organising their own career path to give them a mega-payout, as did Tarique Ghaffur and Sir Ian Blair, or sneaking past the Serjeant at Arms and into the House of Commons to bother MPs; now they will have to give advice to women on how to get home. Speaking to the women's magazine, Glamour, our caring Prime Minister said it was all to do with the last mile home, that is the part of the journey from the tube station to the front door. The PM wanted these people to have a personal police service to tell them the safest way home.

The UK police cannot, it would seem, clear protesters off a runaway at Stansted Airport quickly so as to keep the airport open. Any accident on a motorway is also likely to result in it being shut to traffic for the best part of a day. So the quality of advice on offer here may well be worthless.

A law unto themselves

the ghettoising of our police forces

more than prayer
is requiredmore than prayer is required
The ghettoising of our police forces is strange, disquieting and on-going. There seems to be an association for more or less every nationality, race and gender. The Met lists 16 including: Anglo-Italian, Greek, Chinese and South East Asian. They are all given about £500 plus help with office time and equipment.

Registered charity no. 1093518 -the National Black Police Association NBPA - is given preferential treatment. According to an annual account signed by Ali Dizaei in April 2008, it received £180,000 in the year 2006-7 from public funds, had total funding of £522,000 and spent £596,000. The accounts list all these few hundred thousands of pounds as other so we cannot tell where the money came from nor where it went. The auditors stated that they were: unable to form an opinion as to whether the financial statements- give a true and fair view of the charity's affairs.

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