Bishop nazir Ali

Bishop Nazir Ali resigns

A sad loss

Michael Nazir-AliMichael Nazir-Ali

Bishop Nazir-Ali is resigning so that he can work for endangered or beleaguered Christian minorities both abroad and in the UK, these are the people that our Archbishop totally ignores. The Bishop has not been in the good books at Lambeth Palace because he makes statements such as:

Christian hospitality has been replaced by the "newfangled and insecurely founded" doctrine of multiculturalism, which has led to immigrants creating "segregated communities and parallel lives".

He talks sensibly:

[i] We must also rebuild our communities; not physically, perhaps, but spiritually, socially and morally. We need an integrated society where common values of dignity, equality, liberty and safety are upheld by all, where there is not only tolerance but hospitality and where the rule of law is recognised by all. We must set our faces against heartless conurbations, dormitory towns and villages. Whether in new communities or old, we should plan for a "heart" in them. In the Thames Gateway development, a large part of which falls within my own diocese, I have been arguing for just such a heart in the "liquid city" which is emerging all around us.

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