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Phlogiston, wasn't that the school in Scotland Prince Charles went to? No it was not, that was Gordonstoun. All those years ago during their early scientific fumbling researchers had put a lighted candle under a glass bell jar and noticed that after a while the flame went out. They concluded, wrongly in turned out, that phlogiston was being given out and absorbed by the trapped air. In time the air became saturated so the flame died. Altogether not a bad try at scientific theory. Yes there is a dynamic here, but the movement is in the other direction. The flame is consuming oxygen and in time can give no more so the flame dies.

Reading about the woes of Nulabour, phlogiston comes to mind. The woes of Nulabour, mostly self inflicted since Gordon Brown took over, is a vast subject. So one example will have to do, it will be the big question of the moment. What to do about Royal Mail? And to be precise what Peter Mandelson thinks as reported in the Telegraph.

The whole of this saga is being relayed without a reference to the EU.

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