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professionals or bean counters?

too fat to adopttoo fat to adopt

We are broke and are seem to be led by incompetents. Education, legal, civil service, police, social work every 'profession' is politicised. Even a cynic like me hadn't realised things had got quite so bad but here is sixteen year old Joe Iles' shocking comment:

The core biology science curriculum now calls for very little knowledge of the biology that we had studied in the years preceding GCSE, but seems to be a governmental attempt to raise awareness of current social issues. For example, section A of the core biology exam concentrates on contraception, drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity, anorexia and the MMR vaccines, whilst section B tackles broader issues such as global warming, GM crops, creationism vs Darwinism and alternative energy sources.

Ally this with positive discrimination for pupils with poor exam results in universities and soon our brain surgeons, civil engineers, microbiologists and so on will be incapable of finding the cerebellum or doing an equation.

The CPS charges pensioners who slap hooligans with scraps of paper. The police come out in force for a man photographing his happy child reading on a roof. Hate crime is the new target and thousands are prosecuted yearly.

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