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The Dublin marchThe Dublin march
For a while Binyam Mohamed, and probably for more than a while, dominates the news. By contrast the decision of the EU to tighten regulation on Hedge Funds is not so well reported, see The Times HERE. Mohamed was held in Guantánamo Bay for over four years and at the speed justice moves it may be at least that again before the true facts behind this case are revealed. Again by contrast, if the EU have got their position on Hedge Funds wrong, then it could take years to shake off the ill effects of these measures.

Bash a banker is a very popular sport at the moment, it is a team game and, rather like games at school compulsory, our politicians would like us all to participate; obviously they would, for while we are putting the boot into a banker we are not kicking them. But who is a banker? In the real of world of finance there are huge differences between the people you might meet behind the counter at your local bank and Hedge Fund managers. But in the pell-mell rush to be seen doing something, anything, then these finer points can be missed.

It's now well established that the restrictions placed on banks were the reason Hedge Funds were set up, so yes it was done to get around the rules but there was a benefit to the UK.

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