Jo Brand

Laugh? I nearly cried

Lapel badge resurgent?

One like Dad's One like Dad's

The things people say. It looks to be all over. A simple story, a silly story perhaps, lasts the best part of a week. People who never knew that Golliwogs existed have, in the last few days, had a crash course on the subject, likewise the people who never knew Robertson's jam was around and the connection between the two. So “total respect to Jo Brand” on that then. Like the trilby or white walled tyres, elderly folk have had to rake through their memories so to describe these things to younger family members. Obviously this is where the family photo album with the black and white snaps, if you could find it, showing such things would come in handy. “See, look there, your cousin Theodore has a golly on his lapel”. And yes a fuzzy image mid-snap shows a child running around a field with Dad's Vauxhall Cresta (see right) way off by the gate, boot lid up as the picnic blanket is laid out on a summer's day.

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