The EU, glad you're back!

Just like the old days

Did it ever go away? The EU is back on the agenda. Several newspapers, including the Telegraph, are pointing out that our busted banks are to have their future shaped by Neelie Kroes, an unelected EU Commissioner. True she studied economics at university and this puts her ahead of Adam Applegarth the ex-CEO of Northern Rock, who had no banking qualifications at all. But is this good enough? Perhaps you thought it was Gordon Brown who saved the world and our banks, well ain't it funny Brown is not making the big decisions here?

Nulabour sinks our liberty

Never had it so bad?

There goes our liberty There goes our liberty
The rightly respected Henry Porter has set out his thoughts on why in terms of civil liberties we've never had it so bad, see HERE. It was Harold Macmillan who used the phrase “you've never had it so good” in 1957. At that time the UK was still recovering from the effects of WW2. Many people had suffered in the depression of the pre-war years and by the mid-1950s were desperate for a better life. Now 50 years later it is formally recognised that the good years, fought for and worked towards by so many ordinary people, have been replaced with a sustained period of decline of liberty.

Blair, Merkel and chickens

Buying influence?

"No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers""No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers"
Are you bored bored by the 'will he won't he get the job' stuff filling the media? Well if you are, this is not for you. A while ago Tony Blair made an announcement concerning his testicles and that job, see HERE

Mandarins and functionaries

Serving whom?

Value for money? Value for money?
An interesting article by James Kirkup in the Telegraph, it's all about what the incoming (?) Tory government would do about Whitehall, see HERE. Mandarins are an easy target as they can't all have brilliant minds and be working for our benefit. The public, or rather the voter, will be onside here. But is there more?

Stopping the traffic in Beijing

Does Tony Blair have the courage?

Tony gets tough? Tony gets tough?
Our horribly pathetic Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has been giving us the benefit of his wisdom. He says the President of the EU should be “someone who stops the traffic in Beijing”. He also thinks the President should be Tony Blair. As a liar and war-monger Blair might be ideal but stopping the traffic takes real courage. I'm thinking of the images that went around the world of 'tank man'. Mind you if such a protest was attempted today in London I'm sure you would be shot by the Metropolitan Police!

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