Ten years on

Britain without the European Union

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The European Court of Auditors have published their annual report on the EU's budget and for the 15th consecutive year have refused to sign off on the accounts. The EU's budget for 2007-2013 is worth £875 billion. The TaxPayers' Alliance have produced a cinema advert to promote a free book called Ten Years On. Britain without the EU.

An inconvenient truth?

Or an inconvenient lie?

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The Common Fisheries Policy is a biological,environmental, economic and social disaster; it is beyond reform. It is a system that forces fishermen to throw back more fish dead into the sea than they land. It has caused substantial degradation of the marine environment, it has destroyed much of the fishing industry with the compulsory scrapping of modern vessels and has devastated fishing communities.

Fisheries cannot be managed on a continental scale; they need local control. That is the reason why Michael Howard has stated that the Conservatives will return our fisheries to National and Local control. This accords completely with our instinct for small government. Issues should be tackled on an international basis only when justified, at a national level when appropriate and otherwise locally. Green paper January 2005.

General Motors, the EU and Opel

Together we fight!

1939 Opel Kapitan, German US cooperation 1939 Opel Kapitan, German US cooperation
An ever closer union? That depends on many things. Opel for example, where to start? Well today the workers at Opel in Germany are on strike. Industrial action in Germany is rare and so Germany is held up as an example to us all. But the workers are on strike because the parent company is in recovery so need not proceed with the sale of Opel. From this we may deduce that the German workers preferred the takeover by a Canadian conglomerate funded by a Russian bank with a bit of history. What sort of example is that?

Lifting people out of poverty and into debt?

A modern tragedy, madness not magic

Magic or madness? Magic or madness?
This is the week that Vaclav Klaus, much against the pain in his soul, signed the Lisbon Treaty into Czech law. It's an easy joke to say that Gordon Brown does not have a soul. But unlike Klaus, whose pain was clear, Brown crept through the back door to do his signing. Both leaders have been reduced as a result but only one retains his dignity. And this is the week that David Cameron pretends he has not had his nose rubbed in the dirt by being too clever by half on what his party would do about Lisbon.

This represents a huge loss. But then look at what is happening to our banks.

Distorted values

Relative democracies


Famine has reappeared in Ethiopia. The World Food Programme says an emergency fund of $285 million in international food aid is needed to avert mass starvation in the next six months. OK the famine is as much caused by a corrupt, inept and authoritarian government as by the drought but the fact remains that these days $285 million seems a small amount of money to save millions of lives.

President Sarkozy spent $254 million on France's 6 month presidency of the EU. I know where I'd prefer my taxes to go.

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