Cuts and the EU

The cost of the EU, time to cut our contribution?

It is a well known fact that blogs tend to be more eurosceptic than the conventional media. As even the most casual observer of this subject will attest, the most most craven is the BBC. In the print media there is a left/right split; here the Guardian vies for the top prize as the No1 euro-fanatic. So from the political right comes the Spectator, and having it both ways too as this article is published on their blog and in the print version. It's one of the most thoughtful articles in a long while combining the UK's financial problems with our membership of the EU. A must read - HERE.
Why give it away?  Why give it away?

Lazy MSM, same elephant

Bin taxes to go, EU to remain

There's no reason for itThere's no reason for it
The recent shooting incident in Cumbria was a mixture of many things. So much so that any easy understanding of it at this early stage is impossible. However, despite the tragedy, some people saw it as an opportunity to campaign for more restrictions on gun ownership. This is pathetic and an insult to those who have suffered as a result of this incident. People die as a result of unhygienic hospitals yet nobody campaigns for restrictions on hospitals. Perhaps eventually it will be seen that more law, more restrictions, are not the obvious and only route out of any problem. This is not the time to fall on simple 'facts' and, wrongly, extrapolate from them.


Merkel makes a mess of it

Stupid German crashes euro

goodbye, auf Wiedersehen?goodbye, auf Wiedersehen?
Just weeks ago all of the UK political parties had their own somewhat unrealistic hopes and fears for the future following the general election. A hung parliament was indicated by some polls, however, the variations between polls was too great to take this to heart and there were distractions. Typical was the term balanced parliament, this is ridiculous, what does it mean and what was wrong with the old term? A hung parliament means just that. But balanced implies beneficial equilibrium, this is contrary to what a democracy needs. It must be possible for a majority to make changes, did some media guru invent the term?

George and Marta

Brussels Laid Bare


Eurozone finance chief Jean-Claude Juncker has given his backing to controversial plans for Brussels to vet the budgets of all 27 EU countries before they are put to national parliaments, see here

Seeing that the Court of Auditors in Brussels has refused to sign off the EU budget for 14 years, this is a bit rich. Marta Andreasen, the whistleblower former chief accountant to the EU, writes in her book 'Brussels Laid Bare', that:

the EU's accounting system is massively open to fraud as nearly all its transactions are impossible to trace. Even more serious, I was asked blatantly to contradict financial regulations by signing off accounts, despite knowing them to be untrue. I was not granted the freedom to address these shortcomings, and, worse, actively discouraged from alerting others.

Life without Elvis, life without government

Hung parliament hangs out, just fooling around?

Better looking than Clegg? Better looking than Clegg?
One of the facts behind the present political turmoil is that for each hour that the UK gets along without a 'proper' parliament so spreads the notion that the political elite are not as essential as they would have us think. Prior to the election we were told the sky would fall in unless a strong government was elected, clearly this is not so. How the world financial markets will react in the early hours of Monday morning, then throughout the week, remains to be seen. As it now seems that Nulabour will be on the way out by then, perhaps there will be a breathing space.

How different all this is from the first days of Nulabour in 1997. Then Tony Blair told us his Chancellor, Gordon Brown, would "hit the ground running". This was essential to undo all those problems left behind by the previous government, unlike now; by contrast these days Brown is a lot slower to move, some say he plans to glue himself to the No10 office chair! Also, the longer the waiting-for-government stage goes on, the weaker and less relevant Brown and Nulabour become.

But what of our man Clegg? The latest news is that he has set a deadline for the conclusion of talks with the Tories. So is Clegg pushing the Tories or are his supporters pushing him? Setting a deadline this way may look tough, or perhaps he thinks it does, it may also be foolish.

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