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It was the EU that done it

Your taxes fund
Anjem ChoudaryYour taxes fund Anjem Choudary

Nu Labour want to detain suspected terrorists for 42 days, yet further imposing restrictions on our civil liberties. However, it has never bothered to control our borders or immigration rates. Yet another rabid Islamist Anjem Choudary, the co-founder of, the now banned, Al-Muhajiroun in Britain is still travelling the country preaching hate whilst living comfortably on state and housing benefits of over £25,000 a year. Abu Hamza was known to be implicated in terrorism in Yemen and nefarious practices at the Regents Park mosque yet was allowed to preach openly with police protection which was estimated to have cost over £1 million and was only grudgingly brought to justice. We cannot deport terrorists because of Human Rights legislation although other EU countries do this with impunity.

Hello government

Goodbye peace and quiet

Holding on Holding on

Way back in November 2007 the article entitled, 'What shall we do?', sub-title, 'Goodbye Belgium' was posted. In it the predicament of Belgium was explained in so far as, at the posting date, Belgium had been without a government for 170 days and the saga looked due to run and run. And it did. Good job the article was not finished with the well worn phrase, "Don't hold your breath", for full article see HERE.

The wrong kind of science?

The funcs begin their work

The original Husband design The original Husband design

I'm lazy, but at least I'm honest and own up. I had always had it in mind to visit Jodrell Bank and the desire stretched back years. I can, just, remember the role Jodrell Bank played in the tracking of the 1957 Sputnik launched by the Russians much to the chagrin of the USA. I was not wholly aware of the significance of this tracking work but, at my local cinema, Pathé News said it was a first for Russia and implied that we here in the UK had done jolly well too, so that was good enough for me.

Save our bacon

A rural idyll

Winnie the pig
veteran activist
Winnie the pig veteran activist

As pig farmers march on parliament the talk is of high grain prices and the trouble competing with cheap imports of pork reared to lower welfare standards. The answer is clear.

Imagine a Britain which has a vibrant rural society with a complex, mixed economy with a liberal approach to planning and regulation. The countryside repopulated and containing: village schools, shops, pubs, buses, post offices, farm shops, small abattoirs and food processors, affordable housing, employment opportunities for the young, entertainment, wildlife and a welfare friendly farm management system. Imagine a beautiful countryside supporting tourism, entertainment and recreation

Global Waffle

Saving something

UK forest in the rain UK forest in the rain

As we wrote on our sister site, the independence index in an article about the attitudes found in the groups in opposition to the EU called, 'Anti EU-groups, and how to spot them:

They have a total, and touching, assumption that we all share the same set of beliefs, for example that we are all royalists. It is beyond their reach to imagine that any one would want an independent republic.

See full article HERE

This assumption is so silly that is it any wonder that the credibility of these groups is so low?

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