Praise where praise is due

But it's getting to be a habit

You' re wonderful You' re wonderful
The sad case of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband working as her praise singer should now be judged against another case of a similar nature.That report of Home Secretary Smith's husband was put into this post to show off how fiddling is the rule rather than the exception in Nulabour. Smith's husband did it to help his wife and she did some fiddling with the statistics related to the Home Office's statement on knife crime.

From an article in the Independent we see that writing in to your local newspaper to talk up oneself and Nulabour is not as rare as it should be. Bournemouth man and Councillor Ben Grower did a bit of praise singing to help himself. The whole affair raises more questions than appear to be answered. Like many of his type, this includes Gordon Brown, Grower cannot admit to mistakes because he cannot see them.

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