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Two of a kind?

Democracy in action

The two  fiddlers? The two fiddlers?
It was clear and obvious that the elections in Afghanistan would be dominated by Hamid Karzai's ruling elite and various hangers on. The reaction of the EU's election monitors was very relaxed. Now after the result in Karzai's favour come the revelations: “I was ordered to cover up President Karzai election fraud”, sacked UN envoy says, see HERE.

So what will happen? Well high minded liberals will tut- tut and fuss but with friends and hangers on from the 'top drawer' Karzai will hang on for now.

And so to the Irish Referendum. It was clear and obvious that the ruling elite would call the shots and the President of the EU, Manuel Barrso did just that. But did this 'enthusiasm' go too far? There are people suggesting that all is not well with the Irish result – see HERE.

So what will happen? Well that remains to be seen, until there is more confidence in the result it's all eyes on David Cameron.

The Deputy Prime Minister at work

And whose business is it to decide?

Can't wait! Can't wait!
Interestingly, it is almost a year since the report from EUreporter about the UK joining the euro and now there is more. An up-to-date report from the BBC and another from the Guardian on the same subject. The original report makes the point -


The cynical may say that one year ago things were different but now we do not have the money for frivolous things like betting. And 'don't fix a date'. What does that mean? One year on and we are still waiting.

EUreporter (January 2008) says -

There is absolutely no solid evidence to suggest it but this publication predicts that by the end of the month of January, Britain will have announced that it intends to join the euro.

No solid evidence? Too right!

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