Suffering for art

No pain no gain

He made them laugh, not wince He made them laugh, not wince
As a child I was regularly taken to the cinema by an aunt, it was a gold and red Odeon that smelt of nicotine and we sat in the circle. The whole event was regarded as a bit of a laugh by my family as I had a tendency to fall asleep. Why, you may ask did she persist with the trips in view of this? Well I found out later it was all a bit tortuous, she was a friend of the cleaner, who also worked in the box office. She liked going to the cinema and did not want to go on her own! I can also remember part-way through a Jerry Lewis (see right) film realising, yet again, my faculties were one by one deserting me. The first to go was the vision, down came the eyelids like a shop shutter, there was no stopping them. Next was my hearing, it just faded away.

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