Jonathan Dimbleby

Very entertaining

some bits are very funny, sort of

There will be a short intermission There will be a short intermission
Bankers all over the world are trying to repair their reputations and refill the bank's coffers. By contrast the state broadcaster, otherwise know as the BBC, is pretending nothing is wrong. But there is. Jonathan Ross is usually described as a presenter, chat show host and celebrity. Russell Brand, also does those things, but is able to manage being a comedian as well, he does 'stand up', he writes too, for the Guardian. As you are no doubt aware Ross and Brand have got both themselves and their employer into a bit of bother. However, unlike the bankers the chances are that the reputations of both and that of their various employers will only suffer a minor setback. As Ross earns about £6 million a year you may say he is cheaper than a high-flyer banker, true, but not relevant.

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