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I have to declare an interest here my family own Lloyds/TSB and Santander shares. Not a lot of them, about £2000 worth all together, so please don't feel sorry for us as they have fallen in value. It now seems that along with the rest of the UK we now have more bank shares following the government's decision, on behalf of the nation, to bail out people like us. How confusing, we are both the problem and the solution at one and the same time. How apt that the Lloyds shares, like the TSB ones, came as a form of bonus as I recall simply due to the luck of having an account with each bank, or something like that, it was many years ago. Suddenly we moved from customer to shareholder, what a privilege, honour and responsibility. Then years later the Santander shares were inherited from a relative who had started saving with the National Building Society. In time, for that's how these things go, The National moved in with the Abbey Building Society, or it could have been the other way around, again it was a long time ago. Whatever, the product of this union was so good that the nice folk at Santander got to hear about it and just could not resist buying it lock-stock and barrel. Well if made them happy in their quest to become a High Street bank in a foreign land why not? And thank you for the shares, they can go with the others.

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