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Safe from what?

Is flying safe? Is flying safe?
Rod Liddle has an excellent article in the Spectator, its title is - "Would a terrorist really post a warning on Twitter"? Good question, as with all things Liddle the question or proposition he starts off with is simply a tool. It enables Liddle to have a rant, he's probably one of the UK's top ranters and after a slow start he gets onto the case. For the title of this rant refers to a man, Paul Chambers, who threatened to blow up his local airport and Liddle gives the extenuating circumstances which I urge you to read.

There can be no doubt that Chambers was stupid, equally, as Liddle suggests, there can be no doubt that the police over-reacted. The yawning gulf between the police and the public and remember it is the latter that funds the former, is getting wider all the time. It also widens in lock-step with the gap between the politicians and the public, and for mostly the same reasons. The UK police are now more politicised than at any time since Sir Robert Peel. The Association of Chief Police Officers, ACPO, is a highly politicised trade union in the manner of the National Union of Mineworkers of old when under the leadership of Arthur Scargill, only much more successful.

What is wrong with UK universities?

Learning from our mistakes?

The alleged bomberThe alleged bomber
What is it about British universities? A steady stream of foreign students comes here to study and some become jihadists, are we shocked? Maybe we, the public were once but not anymore. Either the authorities who regulate this flow are stupid, or the universities are desperate for the money the students bring, so on it goes. Or then again perhaps these undergraduate terrorists are smarter than our authorities because there never seems to be a solution to this problem. No that's wrong, there is a solution, we stop issuing student visas the same way we send Christmas cards, the more the merrier; it simply does not work like that.

Can we trust them with our data?

Another disaster waiting to happen

No we can'tNo we can't

The children's cartoon character Bob the builder gave us the line -”Can we fix it”? To which the children and not a few adults would reply “yes we can”! Well there's confidence for you!

It's now clear that at least 34 people have been illegally looking at information held on central government databases to which local authority workers have access; only 9 were sacked and none prosecuted. We learn this from a story at first doing the rounds of the IT specialist press, but now spreading out into the mainstream media.

Lawful excuses

How to twist reality

Belatedly the mainstream media seem to have realised that there is something wrong in the state of GB. We have a discussion on immigration in the Spectator here which tells us, something we had all known- namely that we have a huge hidden unemployment figures,( using a technique copied and refined from Mrs Thatcher), that most of the 3 million new jobs created under Nulabour have gone to immigrants and foreign workers and that the cost benefit ratio is minimal if not negative. The article says that the taboo on discussing immigration is only just being lifted.

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