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Broken Britain?

The authorities, whose side are they on?

Scared of this, why? Scared of this, why?
For many people Hackgate had become boring. Hence, or so it would seem, the outburst of activity that we now call, 'the riots', was so joyfully seized upon. In Hackgate the hapless trio, MPs, the MSM and the police proved to the public how evil gangs fighting turf wars can ruin lives. So how unfortunate that the back streets of some cities thought it was their turn to do the same. Only the very foolish and naive were shocked by the revelations of Hackgate or taken aback by the riots and the post-riot recriminations.

David Davis, the real star of the Tory conference?

Civil liberties, found only at the fringe

David Davis MP David Davis MP
David Davis - if you mention his name in some quarters the reaction is extreme. There's a person I'd describe as 'traditional Tory', who goes into a tizzy and talks of a "toys out of pram moment"; this refers to Davis resigning from his parliamentary seat on a point of principle. It's like a man thing that is, real men don't do this. However, Davis and his principles are also misunderstood in more leftward leaning circles, look no further than the Guardian and dog-in-the-manger Michael White, here it would seem it's simply traditional leftie tribalism. It's tempting to assume that, as Davis upsets such a broad spectrum of people, he must be doing something right!

No to ID cards means just that, nothing less

Civil liberties are central to a healthy society

No means no!No means no!
There was so much wrong with Nulabour, ID cards and the database to support it were just typical. The Nucoalition will, we are told, do things differently; the plan is to sweep away the ideas of population control with Stalinesque tendencies but this has already attracted attention and the rearguard action and fight back has begun. My friends who listen to a lot of BBC Radio 4 tell me that the ever helpful beeb is always mentioning the 'value' of DNA to us all, or talking up the police and how difficult their task will be without draconian powers. Typical is the article in the Telegraph by Alasdair Palmer 'Why the coalition is set to bring us a rise in crime'.

David Davis MP, useful man

Why does Davis scare some Tories?

Davis and friend Davis and friend
David Davis is back in the news. William Hickey writing in the Sunday Express see HERE, thinks that he may come back to prominence following a Tory win in the General Election. At the Tory conference Davis was invisible; the reason for this? Well Hickey reports a comment heard at the conference: “David has never really been part of Cameron’s inner circle but many of them privately agree he’s still the best qualified to be Home Secretary if the general election goes to plan.” Naturally the name behind this comment is not revealed but we can assume it's neither a friend of Chris Grayling the current Home Secretary nor are they a member of the inner circle! So is this all fluff? Probably not.

Victoria Climbié's sorry legacy -

and 11 million children lose their civil liberties

Victoria ClimbiéVictoria Climbié

In January 2001 Marie-Therese Kouao and Carl John Manning were convicted of the torture and murder of Victoria Climbié'. This was a cause célèbre. The Laming Inquiry exposed the usual shambolic catalogue of errors, carelessness and mismanagement as is usual in such cases. The only people spared from criticism were Victoria's parents. Lord Laming stated that:

I wish to pay a warm tribute to Victoria's parents, Francis and Berthe Climbié. They were present for the whole of Phase One of this Inquiry. Their love for Victoria was clear, as were their hopes that she would receive a better education in Europe. In the face of the most disturbing evidence about the treatment of their daughter, they displayed both courage and dignity...... Victoria's parents' reasons for allowing her to travel to Europe with Kouao fall outside the Terms of Reference of this Inquiry. It is not a matter I will be dealing with, except to observe that I have seen evidence which shows that entrusting children to relatives living in Europe who can offer financial and educational opportunities unavailable in the Ivory Coast is not uncommon in Victoria's parents' society.

Well it should have been.

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