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25 reasons to be ashamed of Great Britain

shame game (in no particular order)

Miss Piggy holds up ID cardMiss Piggy holds up ID card

1 Peers who get cash for influence are not even charged and MPs who are imaginative with their expenses show no shame.

2 It takes on average 2 years and 8 months to arrange adoption for a child and costs £26,000.

3 Members of the armed forces receive paltry compensation for injuries and little respect from the government.

4 We fight an illegal war in Iraq and leave behind a theocratic state with sharia enshrined in the constitution.

5 We discriminate against married couples or partners by giving more money to single parents.

Unfair city

Apart in diversity?


PCSO for only a year, Naeem Naguthney has already left his mark. He played a prominent role at a conference to launch the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim police by giving a reading from the Koran. His next claim to fame was when he ordered a couple of American Evangelists to get out of his area saying that they had committed a 'hate crime' by trying to convert Muslims. He also racially abused the preachers for being American. ( He is, presumably, British and hence similarly responsible for the UK's war).

Anti-Semitism in academe.

Free speech for some only


In a review of the book History Lesson: A Race Odyssey by Mary Lefkowitz the reviewer Michael Burleigh starts his article with the following sentences

For several decades, universities on both sides of the Atlantic have not been pleasant places to work. Since the 1960s, humanities and social science faculties have been the last redoubt of the Left, whether in its Marxist totalitarian or post-modernist, multicultural incarnations. Academics have been allowed to have their way in opposing a stifling political correctness.

Counter terrorism- West Midlands style.

In the lap of the gods.

Anil PataniAnil Patani

The Kafkaesque attempt by the West Midlands Police (WMP) to prosecute Channel 4 for 'inciting racial hatred' has become a sick joke. Channel 4 portrayed rabble rousing imams railing against kuffaars, homosexuals, jews and women and spitting hatred of almost everything yet the WMP decided to back the imams. Channel 4 sued the West Midlands' Police force, and was awarded £100,000 which they are to give to charity. The West Midlands taxpayer will also have to pay for all the money spent on the 8 month investigation and legal fees. The Dispatches documentary 'undercover mosque' was an incredibly frightening portrait of how our police forces have let us down.

Free Speech is Relative

Muslims with a small m

Ayaan Hirsi Ali <br />
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
It is virtually impossible to criticise Islam. Theo Van Gogh was murdered and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, his co-author on the video 'Submission', required 24/7 security and eventually left Holland for the USA, (where she still requires police protection).Her Dutch passport was withdrawn despite her being an MP.She had also openly admitted that she had lied so as to to escape from an arranged marriage and claim asylum.

The Dutch people were furious and protested; the government fell. The crime? The production of a video depicting battered Muslim women with words from the Koran written on their bodies in order to illustrate the high incidence of violence against women in the Dutch Muslim community.

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