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Swine flu 1Swine flu 1
A very fair article here from Ross Clark. As is best with these things, the way of the MSM, Clark concentrates on a few things, to maximise the effect of his comments under his title,

"Can we really trust chief scientific officers"?

One of the recurring themes of this blog is the yawning gulf between our government and ourselves. So an immediate and relevant question is:" are MPs "our elected representatives"? Most voters would say no. There is a strong feeling that MPs represent 'Westminster' and not the constituency in which the ballot took place. And what about political parties? Following the MPs expenses fiasco we can see that party played a small part here.

The wrong kind of science?

The funcs begin their work

The original Husband design The original Husband design

I'm lazy, but at least I'm honest and own up. I had always had it in mind to visit Jodrell Bank and the desire stretched back years. I can, just, remember the role Jodrell Bank played in the tracking of the 1957 Sputnik launched by the Russians much to the chagrin of the USA. I was not wholly aware of the significance of this tracking work but, at my local cinema, Pathé News said it was a first for Russia and implied that we here in the UK had done jolly well too, so that was good enough for me.

Spend, spend, spend and save the environment

Never Neverland


Prisoners deprived of sleep may give in and say what their tormentors want to hear. Bali has a similar resonance; sleep deprived delegates burst into tears and agree to anything to get a result. Thus, we have the extremely large carbon footprint that was the Bali summit and the decision to have more talks. One of the louder voices regarding carbon dioxide emissions has been that of Gordon Brown yet it is interesting that carbon emissions under New Labour have actually risen by 2%. Statistics in the modern world are a little like Humpty Dumpty's words, namely that they are what someone chooses them to mean. Wheat and corn prices are rocketing because the West has targets for increased use of biofuels so that more green boxes can be ticked. 12% of global arable croplands are estimated to be taken for biofuels within 12 years according to Credit Suisse, yet we are 'making poverty history'. New Labour claims the moral highpoint for reducing carbon levels yet pushes for the third runway at Heathrow, hasn't a clue as to population projections and has allowed the amount of home food production to decline dramatically.

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