How many angels can dance on the point of a needle?

A level politics 2008


While the government debates subjects such as: climate change/global warming , world poverty, democracy in other countries, female education in Afghanistan, gay traffic warden quotas and so on, our little part of the world may well be falling apart. Before the lights go out perhaps it would be sensible for our present government to have some sort of reasonable energy policy.

Our nuclear and gas powered plants are coming to the end of their lives, lots of our coal and oil powered stations will be closed because of EU rules (the Large Combustion Plant Directive - LCPD), we are planning on spending a fortune building hugely subsidised and inefficient wind farms , which even a German government report as long ago as 2005 severely criticised. Yet another huge sum is required to enable the power they produce to feed the national grid. The EU Emission Trading System costs yet another tranche of our diminishing income and contributes further uncertainties regarding investment and future planning by power companies, who need to do something other than send out legions of employees urging us to change power company.

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