Do the strikers know?

Numbers never lie.

ONS graphic!ONS graphic!

The Office Of National Statistics ONS gives the following amazing information:

UK born and non-UK born employment

Employment of all workers fell by 59,000 in the 12 months to Oct-Dec 2008.

In the 12 months to Oct-Dec 2008 employment of UK born workers fell by 278,000 to 25.6 million.

In the same period the employment of non-UK born workers rose by 214,000 to 3.8million.

Advice for employers


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feelings hurthairdresser had feelings hurtIt would be prudent for employers to heed this advice. Try only to employ: white, heterosexual, middle-aged, male, secularists or WHMAMS. Only employ disabled WHMAMS if they do not belong to the militant wing of the disabled lobby. This is the only way that you will avoid having to pay out to a disgruntled employee who alleges discrimination. However badly you treat such an employee it is unlikely that they could take you to an employment tribunal.

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