Saudi Arabia

Only some murders are criminal

Off with their heads!

Ahmed Rezkallah
executionerAhmed Rezkallah executioner

Islam online tells us that:
Among the possible recreational activities Saudis do to pass time on the weekend is to join several hundred other excited people and watch someone's head being chopped off by an executioner wielding a curved sword more than a meter long. Iaqmet al-Had - executions of the law of God - is an almost weekly spectacle after Friday prayer in Saudi Arabia, and is a ceremonial occasion in the court of the main mosque or in a square in front of
the provincial governor's palace. Spectators throng feverishly to watch the whipping of an adulterer, the amputation of a thief's hand or the beheading of a murderer, a rapist or drug trafficker. Westerners watch anxiously trying to hide their cameras, waiting for the right moment to take pictures of something they can only see in Hollywood movies.

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