The BBC, wasting our time and money?

These people are important and know what they are doing.

Vintage BBCVintage BBC
Someone is wasting their time, but who? Andrew Marr caused a bit of a stir, though not as much as he might have thought, with his comments on the blogosphere. Now we have John Simpson and his pennyworth. Marr, speaking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival gave his opinions of blogging thus -

Most citizen journalism strikes me as nothing to do with journalism at all. A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother's basements and ranting. They are very angry people, OK – the country is full of very angry people. Many of us are angry people at times. Some of us are angry and drunk.

Isn't it wonderful when people say what they really think? However, as mentioned above, Marr's words won't have reached the audience in the way he might have hoped. I know many people turn him off when he appears on their screen. The very cruel leave him on but have the sound off, this man entertains, oh yes he does. But does he inform us? Probably not. The term Mainstream Media, usually written as MSM is seen a lot, what does it mean? If you take it to mean all of the non-blogging media then this is too crude.

And after the leadership battle?

Abbott, the BBC and the Labour party

God help me keep my mouth shutGod help me keep my mouth shut
It now gets interesting. The ballot for the Labour party leadership race has closed. It is assumed a Miliband will win and some excited people have already suggested they know the outcome and declared in favour of the elder. Also assumed is that the new leader will embark on a period of modernisation. A safe bet there as they all do that! So how do the bookies read this contest ? Well, the elder Miliband is the favourite but at 150/1 is Diane Abbott. And as all the other candidates are boring white men let's do a little positive discrimination and focus on Abbott.

This might seem to miss the point but remember it was Greg Dyke in 2001 when working as Director General of the BBC who described the corporation as "hideously white". The BBC pays Abbott a huge sum of money for her 'work', some say £36,000 a year for her slot on Andrew Neil's The Daily Politics show, which began in 2003. Whilst she is not the bookies' favourite, she rings all the bells at the BBC.

The BBC and Brigstocke

Unfunny man and waste of public money come together

The sad man himselfThe sad man himself
This website has long put up with the BBC and its ridiculous ways. Other people are made of sterner stuff, the website Biased BBC, is an example to us all. Here at tee2i we have also noted that BBC humour is a funny thing. The boring formulaic student rag week stuff they churn out is more often sad than funny. So Biased BBC have made a stand about Marcus Brigstocke. Highly recommended this, I urge you to look.

Silence descends on Corus

Desperate but damned

Corus, a desperate and big problem  Corus, a desperate and big problem
An interesting story on the BBC radio 4 'Today' programme this morning. This evening the Teeside Corus steel- making plant will close, to be mothballed. On the radio we heard the history of steel-making in this region and the huge impact its closure will have. It was a short report and we may assume that the BBC felt listeners needing more could go to their website, that report is HERE. From this, much longer report, we learn that -

Gordon Brown said he is "desperately looking" for investment and Corus claims it is open to "credible offers".

Can it get any worse?

The perils of low quality leadership and news reporting

The death of reporting?The death of reporting?
What is it about modern government? A conversation in a taxi turns out to be the root of the WMD farce and a significant part of the reason, or though others may say excuse, to invade Iraq. See HERE.

And now on an equally questionable basis we accept data from a climate research unit that attempts to - 'hide the decline'; some might call it fiddling, rather than engaging, in real science. It's behaviour like this that leads to the idiotic jamboree now being played out in Copenhagen.

Finding a part of public life that works, to the satisfaction of the public, as opposed to the ridiculous notion of self-approval is next to impossible.

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