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It is hard to see a reason for some things, then suddenly it all becomes clear. For most of my life I have had a relaxed attitude to the monarchy; for most of yesterday the news media has been far from relaxed about the comments of Prince Harry (see right). Frankly I could not give a damn about what he said but it is important he said it because the whole point of the monarchy, I've just worked this out, is to inflame passions and it does not matter which way, just so long as somewhere someone is annoyed. But this can cause confusion. To illustrate my point the Evening Standard said in a headline - Gordon Brown backs 'racist' Prince Harry while the Telegraph had the headline - Prince Harry's 'Paki' comment unacceptable, says Gordon Brown.

The thin edge of the Wedge

Who's the underdog?

Jude BuntingJude BuntingIsn't it time we had a look at our legal system? Civil Rights lawyers are meant to uphold our civil rights. Judges are meant to give sensible judgements - not simply keep to the letter of the law. In that case we may as well use computers. The acknowledged dangerous terrorist, Abu Qatada, is released on under house arrest. He cannot be sent to Jordan in case his human rights are compromised but he is allowed to organise and recruit in his cosy, taxpayer funded London home. Or, is his home bugged? I doubt it as this would also compromise his human rights. Our jails are full of heroin yet our soldiers are dying in Helmand province to try to control drugs which fund the Taleban.

A pretty businesswoman, Sarah Des Rosiers has been dragged through the courts at great expense to herself and ordered to pay a frumpy Muslim called Bushra Noah, £4,000. This was obviously a set up. Ms Noah had tried 25 hairdressers and had been refused a job. Who bets that Ms Desrosiers was the only one unfortunate enough to mention the headscarf? Bingo said Noah and friends and trooped off to the nearest friendly legal aid department..

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