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The blogosphere and, belatedly, the MSM have been full of tales of conflicts of interest amongst scientists and politicians regarding climate change. The indefatigable Richard North tells of yet another, here. Financial linkages and patronage are particularly egregious in large bodies such as the EU, UN, IPCC but also exist in Westminster and the City. Are we surprised at nefarious goings-on in the IPCC; remember 'oil for food' in the UN? Are we surprised at lies from Westminster; who can forget the 'dodgy dossier'?

Also, remember, in May 2007, Francis Nheme, Zimbabwe's environment and tourism minister, was elected as chairman of the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development', the main United Nations inter-governmental body on the environment.

Defending the decision, and completely missing the point, Zimbabwe's UN ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku asked:

"What has sustainable development to do with human rights?"

More food

Or that could be less

A leek A leek
Once upon a time, and I suspect more than once, perhaps all the time; --- there now follows a little story that comes to me via Flights Orchard Organics. This is a vegbox supplier based in Herefordshire. It is all about vegetables and Tesco. Are you sitting comfortably?

[i]A few weeks ago we had a surplus of leeks due to the way the season was going so we sold some to a company that packs for Tesco (this is always a last resort).

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