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Brown 'saves the world' but can he stop the strike?

Up and away?Up and away?
It's just like the old days with the MSM full of comments about the upcoming British Airways' strike. It's years since we've had a good strike; Nulabour has had it easy with no awkward industrial disputes to deal with and show leadership, or even common sense. But then with not much industry left in the UK it has not been too difficult for them on that score. Gordon Brown told us he had got rid of boom and bust, cynics would say just one not both! It is also true, says Brown, that the current bout of financial woes "started in America". But what of the origins of this strike?

Nulabour, fighting again

But not always for the poor, sometimes just fighting!

Putting the world to rightsPutting the world to rights
So it's back to bullying, a topic still with us despite the No 10 spin machine working overtime at turbine level revolutions per minute. Martin Bright writing in the Spectator (follow the link) has a piece called 'The Filth and the Fury'. A bit heavy that you may think, typical of the Spectator, but hang on. For this is the Martin Bright who has worked for the BBC, the Guardian, Observer and New Statesman, these are, I would suggest, antecedents that cannot be either bought or ignored. So Bright is 'the real thing' and writing about his experiences, as he says,

"On the back of Andrew Rawnsley's revelations" (which) "paints a picture of life around the Prime Minister that’s not a million miles from reality".

Rawnsley will do well from his latest book and he deserves to; if as Bright suggests the dark side of Brown is common knowledge then it was not treachery for Rawnsley to write it, only natural. But that is how it is seen by Nulabour for Rawnsley has also worked for the BBC, the Guardian and Observer; in past times he was seen as a bit of a 'Nulabour luvvie'.

Infiltrate infiltrate, Nulabour taken over again!

Alien politics

Science fiction, political factScience fiction, political fact
The Sunday Telegraph has, so it thinks, a shocking story. We are told that Nulabour has been infiltrated, see HERE. Now the whole point of 'news' is to tell you something you don't know. Even the article concedes that this has happened in the past and cites the Militant Tendency era as an example. The fact is both Labour and Nulabour have always been wide open to this. However, the problem now is the infiltrators are Islamic radicals.

The Dizaei way of doing things

With help from the usual suspects

Ali  Dizaei, guilty Ali Dizaei, guilty
So Ali Dizaei has been found guilty, is this important? Yes it is. Dizaei had reached up to the heights of the Metropolitan Police Force and made them his own territory. He was a relentless self-promoter but found plenty of help on his way from certain sections of the media. He was the darling of the race relations industry. As might be expected the fight back has begun.

The Guardian tells us - Ali Dizaei 'was investigated as though he was an enemy of state'

While the Times says - 'Ali Dizaei - ethnic champion in Metropolitan Police exposed as a bully'

The full Guardian story is HERE, and the Times is HERE. Take your pick.

Over the coming weeks television, radio and newspapers will wade in. Selections will be made from Dizaei's past to promote this or that point. The same will happen when the role of the Metropolitan Police is reviewed. What they did, or perhaps what they did not do, raked over and over again. What will be hard to hide is that the Met spent so much time, so by inference public money, furthering the cause of race relations.

Tea cup coup, failed.

Nulabour old Leader

So elegant So elegant
Claus Philipp Maria Justinian Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20th July 1944, the attempt failed, Hitler was almost the only survivor without injury. However, four people were killed and most others close by were severely injured; later von Stauffenburg was tried for treason and shot. As the attempt by Patricia Hewitt and Geof Hoon to get rid of Gordon Brown has failed, it's time to survey the damage and check for casualties.

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